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[9.1] The course has been extremely popular with students in the theory department and in other disciplines. Although we have an official cap of 10 students, the course has been over-enrolled each semester it has been offered. Last spring we had 18 students in the class, and turned several more away. In Spring of 1996, James Undercofler, the Acting Director of the Eastman School of Music, allocated funds from an unrestricted donation to Eastman to begin a Multimedia Development Center. This enabled us to purchase a much more powerful computer to use as a teaching station, and to add a color scanner, a CD recorder, and other peripherals.

  • We disagree that code reviews are a good enough alternative to pairing.
  • And they should occur frequently, to ensure continuous integration of small changes.
  • Many people see the existence of a code review process as reason enough not to need pair programming.
  • So the more often code reviews occur, the more disruptive they will be for reviewers.
  • So a reviewer can become a bottleneck to integrate and deploy, which adds time pressure – again, something that leads to potentially less effective reviews.

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Part way through the spring 1997 semester, we moved the course into a new, well-equipped computer lab. We are currently in the process of reevaluating the course content, and we will probably move from HyperCard to Macromedia Director this spring. This change, whenever we make it, will involve major reworking of teaching materials, but much of what we have learned will be applicable in different programming environments. Thus we are considering moving the music cognition component to a separate course. This would also allow us to incorporate a unit on developing multimedia for the web in the current course.


Talk with developers who use a tool for code review and you’ll find they are much happier than their counterparts who aren’t. Most happy, however, are the developer managers that can use the tool to measure the team’s quality and improvements. Formal code reviews are the traditional method of review, in which software developers attend a series of meetings and Check out the post right here. To continue process you have to dowloand Safari from here if you don’t already have it. review code line by line, usually using printed copies of the material.

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Formal inspections are extremely thorough and have been proven effective at finding defects in the code under review. But even a decade or two from now, unless new software somehow starts writing itself, we can rest assured that the primary component of peer code reviews—namely, human beings—will still take center stage. Indeed, as long as there are humans conducting code reviews, it means that even if there were no software review tools, code will still continue to improve, simply thanks to human psychology. From basic and easily accessible tools to sophisticated tracking and analytics software, these solutions are helping organisations try innovative approaches to old problems. Topics for high school essays english how many words does an essay have an introduction by kamala das essay essay air save the natural resources essay.

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