1. Stephen Lawrence

r. Lawrence is a registered expert in the field of studies on diabetes. He completed his graduation in Chemical Pathology from Leeds University. He has worked tirelessly as a medical advisor to prisons. Today, he works as a GP and GPSI diabetes specialist.
His career spreads to the academic realm as well, he has worked extensively as a tutor. His free time is cherished taking care of patients and being an active contributor to the community. You check his LinkedIn here.

  1. Frank Diamond

Mr. Diamond has been working with the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily and is a Human Resource Executive. Aside from that, he is a man of literature. His poem “Labour day” was nominated for Pushcard Prize Award in the year 2015. His articles are often featured in sources like Woman’s Day and Philadelphia Inquirer.
While his poems and short stories are omnipresent in the literature world. In his free time, he enjoys jamming poems and is a great orator often narrating short & insightful stories. You check his LinkedIn here.

  1. Jeanette KimszaL

Ms. Kimszal is a Registered Dietician and Nutritionist who actively works to spread the word about healthy living and diet practices. She completed her certification in Dietetics and Nutritionist from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.
She works as a Dietician Volunteer for major hospitals. She spends her leisure time investing in healthcare practices. You check her LinkedIn here.

  1. Jen Uscher

Mr. Uscher is a medical writer and a digital content strategist living in New York. She defines herself as a very detail oriented writer who enjoys combining science and medical knowledge in an article. Many of her works have been published in WebMD, Shape, ShopSmart etc.
She obtained her graduate degree from Emerson College and went on to pursue a Master’s degree in fiction writing from Columbia University in the city of New York. She is a skilled medical copywriter with a penchant for details. You check her LinkedIn here.

  1. Jamie Sherad

Ms. Sherad is a known face in the Science and Medical writer community. She has a background in extensive research done to understand cases of malnutrition in Parkinson’s patients – a truly commendable work. She has a strong academic background and is always up for challenges that demand her to expand the pre-existing knowledge.
Her ability to combine medicine with scientific evidence is impeccable. When not found conducting studies, she can be found reading books or sharpening her content writing skills. You check her LinkedIn here.